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Gardening and tending to our yards are common activities this time of year. These activities require a lot of sustained postures and repetitive movements, such as forward bending and twisting of our spine.  Poor posture and body mechanics can lead to pain due to


Considering the rapid change of seasons and the stressful lives many of us live, headaches are a symptom commonly experience by many of us.  The public typically identifies intense headaches as migraines, however migraines are a chemical problem that present


As people continue to age, the risk of developing balance deficiencies resulting in falls is on the rise. There are many different reason people fall, which include tightness of our gastrocnemius and soleus, better known as your calf muscles, decreased


Summer is in full swing and we have experienced our first heat wave of the season. School and fall sports are beginning, which means that people are becoming more active. Whether playing sports, performing gardening and household chores, or just

Shoulder Pain

The shoulder is the most movable joint in the body, however, in my opinion is the most unstable and most troublesome. Traditionally, people consider the shoulder a conventional ball and socket joint, however, this is far from true. The glenohumeral


Back pain is the most common type of orthopedic injury and unfortunately develops for many different reasons. Spinal stenosis, an insidious onset of the narrowing of the spinal canal, is a common spinal condition that results in pain and an