Yoga Classes Clark New Jersey

Using a precise combination of deep meaningful breathing and proven body postures, the experienced instructors at Cornerstone Physical Therapy Health & Wellness Center lead individuals seeking calm, clarity, and physical wellness toward their goals.

Yoga has continued to dramatically improve the lives of millions of people from all over the world. Yoga’s mentally purifying and physically strengthening qualities help to alleviate a variety of debilitating conditions, such as chronic fatigue, stress, anxiety, back and joint pain, muscle aches, and high blood pressure.

Yoga For Weight

When you embark on a personal journey through specialized yoga classes offered in our Clark facility, you open your mind, heart and physical being to the possibility of union between them all. The stretches, poses and breathing exercises enhance your physical self with every movement, while peaceful meditation answers the mind’s need for relaxation and inner harmony. The ultimate result is an ideally balanced state of health and mind that permeates every other aspect of your life as well.

In addition to its many proven mental benefits and advantages regarding strength and flexibility, this ancient practice has also been shown to help overweight men and women of all ages shed the extra pounds that diet alone does not eliminate. Thousands of individuals have experienced the difference that yoga can make as a key component of a healthy weight loss regimen. When the body and mind are united as one through the restorative power of yoga, there are no limits to what they can achieve together.

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Clark Yoga Class Pricing

Individual classes: $17.00 per class
Block of 10 classes: $150.00 (results in a $20 discount for paying in advance)