Frozen Shoulder

Frozen Shoulder, also known as adhesive capsulitis, is a condition where the shoulder joint becomes stiff and painful and has the inability to move through the full range of motion. The tissues around the joint stiffen, scar tissue forms, and shoulder movements become difficult and painful. This can affect one’s activities of daily living and reduce quality of life.

Diagnosis for frozen shoulder

Any shoulder problem can lead to a frozen shoulder. It develops because one stops using the joint normally due to pain, surgery, trauma, or a health condition. It is important to see your physician to rule out bursitis, tendonitis, or a rotator cuff tear. This can be done with imaging such as an MRI or CT scan. One can experience a significant restriction of both active and passive shoulder motion that occurs in the absence of a known shoulder disorder.

Treatment for frozen shoulder

Frozen shoulder treatment involves managing the shoulder pain and maintaining or increasing as much range of motion in the shoulder as possible. This can be done with Physical Therapy Services such the services offered at Cornerstone Physical Therapy health & Wellness Center.

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