Home Health Physical Therapy Services

Home Health Physical Therapy Services is therapy provided in a patient’s home environment. After acute hospitalization, your loved one may not be completely independent, returned back to their prior level of function, or ready to return back to the community. Due to the illness, injury, disease process, or post-surgical needs, your loved one may require one-on-one attention in the comfort of their own home environment to regain their strength, endurance, balance, & independence in daily activities. Cornerstone Physical Therapy Health & Wellness Center offers Home Care Physical Therapy Services that will suit your needs.

Home Care Physical Therapy

Home Safety, improving functional abilities & Community Reintegration are the main focus areas of Cornerstone Physical Therapy Health & Wellness Center’s Home Health Physical Therapy services. Whether you live alone or with family, a physical therapist will help you strengthen weak areas of your body, and help you recover from surgery, injury, or any physical challenge. Choosing a reliable, creative, home care agency that demonstrates positive outcomes can be difficult, however the skill sets and outcomes from Cornerstone shine above the rest.

When you have completed your home care regimen and are ready to start outpatient therapy services, Cornerstone also offers an array of physical therapy services to meet your needs.

Home health care physical therapy services

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