Physical Therapy Patient Testimonials

When I came I couldn’t walk with my left foot because it hurt so bad. With all of the good abundant care from the staff at Cornerstone, I got better. With all of the treatment I received and exercises they recommend, my foot is like new. Thank you so much for all of your help. You are very appreciated.

Juanita C.
Elizabeth, NJ

My experience was outstanding. From the start, calling to make an appointment was very easy. The staff is very friendly and courteous. From the moment after walking through the door, I felt welcome and as time went on, it felt like visiting family instead of coming to physical therapy. The therapists are excellent, answer all questions, and work with you to get back to functioning to your full potential. I gained back my strength in my ankle, and can do things I thought I wouldn’t be able to do. The assistants are very helpful and friendly as well. I can’t say thank you enough for making me feel at home and resuming previous activities. Also most importantly, they didn’t look at me as a person who didn’t have insurance, but as a person who needed help.

Roxanne O.
Elizabeth, NJ

My knee had been hurting for about a year +. I was unable to walk upstairs without feeling a lot of pain. I had to discontinue many triathalon races because of the huge pain I was in. Many simple tasks would make it feel uncomfortable. I had been to numerous sessions at a sports medicine facility, not resulting in any comfort or reduction of pain. Coming to Cornerstone has made a huge positive difference and now I can walk upstairs, run, compete in some races, leaving me pain free. I am glad that I am able to lead daily activities where I am 100% healed.

Sara F.
Westfield, NJ

When I first started physical therapy, I had extreme pain in my left knee. I underwent a knee arthroscopy, and was unable to walk, ride the stationary bicycle, nor stretch my knee. As I continued my physical therapy at Cornerstone, my knee began to feel better, with less pain. I feel wonderful, just like all of the employees at Cornerstone. Thank you all!

Regina H.
Kenilworth, NJ

When I first started physical therapy, I had trouble bending my knee and holding strength in my leg. After 3 months of extensive physical therapy, I feel great and looking forward to getting back to my normal routine. Thank you to all of the staff at Cornerstone Physical Therapy for the great results.

John M.
Linden, NJ

Cornerstone PT The best of the best for results. From the owner and chief PT guy (Dave), to all the staff and office personal. Thanks for making me feel great. I look forward to visiting the gym are, and spending time to improve my quality of life.

Thanks to All

When I first started coming to Cornerstone, my injured foot impeded my day to day life. I limped and favored it which worsened how I felt and walked. After therapy, I now walk much better and am looking forward to being more active. I am more productive and I feel I have healed a lot, which would not have happened without Cornerstone.


I came into therapy experiencing pain, soreness, & stiffness which preventing me from pursing ordinary daily activities. This exceptional team of professionals have brought me back to my pre injury level of activity without any accompanying pain or soreness. I am thrilled with the results and very appreciative.


When I came into Cornerstone Physical Therapy and spoke to the receptionist about treating me and telling her about my operation that I had, spinal fusion L3 L4 she was very concerned and said that we can help you. At that time a man approached me and introduced himself to me as Dave and the owner of Cornerstone Physical Therapy. Right at that time I knew I made the right decision. When I came in for my first physical therapy session I met Dave and he introduced me to his staff. I felt right at home. During my time here I was treated so kindly and the staff being so concerned about me. They really took their time and knowledge on me to get me where I am today. I’m able to move better, bend better, and walk with no pain. I want to personally thank the whole entire staff of Cornerstone Physical Therapy for doing such a Great Job! Thank you.

James W.
Clark, NJ

Excellent Results. Full recovery in 5 sessions. Thank you!

Chris Aliprandi

Overall experience is excellent, will recommend Cornerstone to everyone I know. My movement has improved greatly, pain has diminished. Therapists were attentive and were always watching that I was performing my exercises correctly. Never let me give up! The therapists here are extremely knowledgeable and I felt confident that I was in great hands.

Michele Knell

With the help, patience, and perseverance of everyone in the office, Alyssa’s neck and back pain has diminished greatly. Thank you to you all!

Alyssa V.

I recommend this place to everyone; the best therapists, the best environment, and everyone was a big help. Thanks to each and everyone.

Miriam K.

I would like to thank the staff at Cornerstone; Kathy, Kim, Dave, Matt, Mike, and Judy. I had major foot surgery and after coming here and doing what I needed to do, I am much better. Friendly and caring people who do their job well.

Michael W.

The staff at Cornerstone Physical Therapy was caring and very attentive to all my health issues. They made me feel welcome every visit I had. My treatments have made me feel like I am 100% again. They are the best.

Fredrick L.

My results were very good considering my injury. My experience with the staff was outstanding. All the therapists were professional and thorough in their treatment. The office staff is exceptional, a complete pleasure to deal with, which is hard to find these days. Thanks so much to Dave and his staff. Everything was first class.

Steve O’Toole

Extraordinary results from extraordinary care and concern. My pain is gone, my range of motion seems as it was before my injury. I am highly satisfied with the staff at Cornerstone and recommend the institution highly.

Robert Shelton, Jr.
Andover, NJ

Extraordinary results from extraordinary care and concern. My pain is gone, my range of motion seems as it was before my injury. I am highly satisfied with the staff at Cornerstone and recommend the institution highly.

Robert Shelton, Jr.
Andover, NJ

Cornerstone Physical Therapy was a great therapy experience. I had a terrible nagging neck pain, that with the help of the lovely therapists and staff of Cornerstone, was able to subside. I am now able to carry on with normal activities and enjoy myself and time with my family, without worrying about uneasy pain. Thank you Cornerstone you gave me my life back.

John Amey
Washington, NJ

I’m now in tip-top shape after having physical therapy since April 13th. No more pain in ribs or back. I’ve been back at Curves now for a few weeks and am using all of the machines. I would definitely recommend Cornerstone Physical Therapy to any one of my friends.

Rebecca Komsa
Tranquility, NJ

I am very pleased with the results of my physical therapy, considering the amount of pain that I had upon the start of therapy compared to the relief I am experiencing today is unbelievable. I have used Cornerstone Physical Therapy prior to this time and find the staff and facility outstanding, courteous and professional. I would recommend anyone who is experiencing rehabilitation issues to come to Cornerstone. The results are real the staff is remarkable and I am thrilled with my pain free results!!!

Ann Marue Graybill
Blairstown, NJ

Cornerstone was instrumental in my recovery process. They lessened my pain tremendously in my ankle, and were a pleasure to work with.

Albert Laino
Iselin, NJ

A Great big thank you to the entire staff at Cornerstone. When I first came I could barley walk. I am now 100% better. Not only did they treat my foot problem, they made me a part of their family. Everyone was always ready with warm hands and warm hearts!

Theresa Hautz
Edison, NJ

The results are absolutely incredible! I have been functionally able to perform everyday tasks since beginning my physical therapy at Cornerstone – everyday tasks that I have not been able to do for years.
The staff is not just competent – they are warm, friendly, funny and encouraging. These traits that are very important when a person is is in pain and working very had to alleviate that pain and resume normal life.
A wonderful group, a great experience and fantastic outcome.

Diane Salzberger
East Brunswick, NJ

When I first came to Cornerstone I had no idea you could do PT on TMJ. I had headaches, neck pain and jaw pain. After a few weeks all my symptoms are gone. Dave and his staff are very upbeat and positive. They truly care about your rehab and getting better. It was very positive experience.

Matthew Sugarman
Westfield, NJ

The treatment was done professionally and quickly. Everyone is very pleasant and helpful. I would recvommend this facility to anyone. Flexible schedule was easy to fit into my life.

Diane Lennert
Cranford, NJ

I started coming to Cornerstone in August 2010 for a torn rotator cuff. At first the therapy was difficult due to the injury, but progress was slowly made.The staff was patient and yet progressive enough to get my shoulder stretched out. In October I had surgery and resumed therapy a week later.I was very impressed at how we developed strengthening my shoulder. The exercises were suited for my condition and I felt better and better week to week. At Cornerstone their strength is people, adn the knowledge they have. Their bedside manner is second to nonefrom the administrative staff to the therapists and there associates. I recommend Cornerstone! My condition is absolutely better and the people are really nice. If your experience is as good as mine was you made the right choice

Frank 47
Staten Island, NY

I was very pleased with the results of my jaw so i thought, why not try PT here for my ankle. I have PVNS – had it now for 4 years. Dave & everyone, esp Victoria & Kathy were so helpful and sympathetic. They were willing to learn about PVNS & healp me gain range of motion, reduce pain and feel better overall. The exercises were very helpful and easy to do at home. Thanks to you all, I feelbetter, walk better and even have been able to go back to the gym. Thanks for giving me my life back!!! Best of Luck to everyone I’ll be back for more as PVNS is a life-long disease. Ifeel I’ve found a place that really cares about their patients and their progress. Thanks

Jessica B
Cranford, NJ